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  • ViktorSeptember 30th, 2022, 4:14 pm
    The best part is that you have no chores tomorrow. You could've done only one load today, but you put in the effort to get all your laundry done in one day. :clap: Job well done, girl. I'm more than pleased with your hard work and putting in the extra effort.
  • KralicaSeptember 30th, 2022, 4:15 pm
    Thank you, Viper. It was worth it to have a free day tomorrow.
  • ViktorSeptember 30th, 2022, 4:17 pm
    Next week's laundry won't be like today's. It will be much easier.
  • KralicaSeptember 30th, 2022, 4:19 pm
    Yes, Viper. It pleases me to know I've done you proud.
  • ViktorSeptember 30th, 2022, 4:21 pm
    Oh I'm very proud of you, my dear. :h:
  • Phoenix Flaming StarSeptember 30th, 2022, 6:44 pm
    If you think Viktor and Kralica are two separate people on here, I'll take that as a compliment to my writing skills. :lol: I write as BOTH characters. They're both me! I write this whole dynamic as them because I like it and it helps me with staying on task with my ADHD. It's both fun and helpful for me. :)
  • Phoenix Flaming StarSeptember 30th, 2022, 6:48 pm
    Same with all the other characters on here. Arluna, Akayson, Maskak, Drayzid... They're all me! I play all of them, because I enjoy it.
  • Phoenix Flaming StarSeptember 30th, 2022, 6:48 pm
    I'm the only actual real person on here. Seriously. Not joking. Just me.
  • ViktorOctober 2nd, 2022, 1:15 pm
    Kralica, you're not leaving the kitchen unti dishes are done.
  • KralicaOctober 2nd, 2022, 1:16 pm
    What if I have to use the bathroom, Viper?
  • ViktorOctober 2nd, 2022, 1:19 pm
    You can go, but you are expected to be back in 5 minutes, or I'm coming to get you... You should never keep those who are relying on you waiting.
  • KralicaOctober 2nd, 2022, 1:21 pm
    You just want me to stay on track, that's basically it.
  • ViktorOctober 2nd, 2022, 1:22 pm
    Yes, that is my responsibility toward you, and I intend to fulfill my part of our dynamic.
  • KralicaOctober 2nd, 2022, 1:23 pm
    Understood, Viper.
  • ViktorOctober 2nd, 2022, 1:24 pm
    Good. Now get started.
  • KralicaOctober 2nd, 2022, 1:25 pm
    Yes, Viper
  • ViktorOctober 4th, 2022, 1:57 am
    Once again you've exceeded my expectations, Kralica. Well done. :r: I'm proud of you, my dear.
  • KralicaOctober 4th, 2022, 1:57 am
    Thank you, Viper. :)
  • KralicaOctober 4th, 2022, 11:25 pm
    Viper, may I ask you a question?
  • ViktorOctober 4th, 2022, 11:26 pm
    Yes, what is it Kralica?
  • KralicaOctober 4th, 2022, 11:26 pm
    Why didn't you ask me to do my chore today?
  • ViktorOctober 4th, 2022, 11:27 pm
    The bathroom simply doesn't need attention right now. You did such a good job last week, that I think that chore can be saved for next week. However, I would still like you to do your slow pushups. Now.
  • KralicaOctober 4th, 2022, 11:30 pm
    Yes, Viper.
  • ViktorOctober 4th, 2022, 11:37 pm
    On a scale of 1 - 10 (10 being the most difficult) how difficult was that?
  • KralicaOctober 4th, 2022, 11:38 pm
  • ViktorOctober 4th, 2022, 11:39 pm
    Ok. We're going to keep the pushups at a slow pace from here on out. When you get down to a 1 I'll increase the amount you have to do by 5. Is that understood?
  • KralicaOctober 4th, 2022, 11:39 pm
    Yes, Viper.
  • ViktorOctober 4th, 2022, 11:43 pm
    Remember, Kralica:
    Always be honest. If I can't trust you, our whole entire dynamic won't work out.
  • KralicaOctober 4th, 2022, 11:44 pm
    Yes, Viper. Thank you for reminding me.
  • Phoenix Flaming StarOctober 4th, 2022, 11:47 pm
    You two are so respectful and cute. :clap: I love it.
  • ViktorOctober 4th, 2022, 11:48 pm
    Thank you, Admin.
  • Phoenix Flaming StarOctober 4th, 2022, 11:49 pm
    You're both welcome. :)
  • Arluna StarYesterday, 10:10 pm
    @Phoenix Flaming Star What do you think of RP's on Discord?
  • Phoenix Flaming StarYesterday, 10:15 pm
    I'm not a fan. I prefer forums for RPing. :u:
  • Arluna StarYesterday, 10:27 pm
    likes this message
    Phoenix Flaming Star wrote: Yesterday, 10:15 pm I'm not a fan. I prefer forums for RPing. :u:
    Same. :wink:
  • Phoenix Flaming StarYesterday, 10:28 pm
    I've never really RP'ed on Discord. I just don't want to change what works for me. I'm sticking with forums, preferably this one. :tease:
  • Arluna StarYesterday, 10:28 pm
    Good to know we're not going anywhere. :lol:
  • Phoenix Flaming StarYesterday, 10:29 pm
    Of course not! :) I'm comfortable here.
  • Arluna StarYesterday, 10:32 pm
    That brings me to another question. Would you allow new members? Like other people?
  • Phoenix Flaming StarYesterday, 10:38 pm
    :what: That idea is not completely off the table. However, I'm concerned it would bring a huge change to the forum. I like what I have right now, and I don't want that to change. Let me put it this way: I'd only bring trusted friends here. Friends whom I know are comfortable with my material.
  • Arluna StarYesterday, 10:38 pm
    Anyone you know right now?
  • Phoenix Flaming StarYesterday, 10:40 pm
    Maybe, but unfortunately I know their too busy with their own life. She wouldn't have the time (and maybe no interest) in being here, so that rules her out.
  • Arluna StarYesterday, 10:40 pm
    Anyone else?
  • Phoenix Flaming StarYesterday, 10:41 pm
    No. Those that come to mind, I don't trust them enough, so no.
  • Arluna StarYesterday, 10:43 pm
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Who's Viktor?

Post by Phoenix Flaming Star »

Viktor is a fictional character played by me. It's just a fun personal thing I'm enjoying, just for me. You may see him pop up every once in a while.
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Phoenix Flaming Star
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Posts: 580
Joined: December 27th, 2020, 1:37 am
Status: Enjoying my gaming and writing.

Re: Who's Viktor?

Post by Phoenix Flaming Star »

 ! Message from: Phoenix Flaming Star
Warning the following has mature, 18+ content in spoilers. Your discretion is advised.

I've decided to share a little bit more about Viktor.

He's a shapeshifter. He's not meant to come from any kind of media. He's my own made up character.

Personality: Protective, Assertive, Leader, gentle when needed, demanding when needed.

His currently preferred look: https://pin.it/2YmNSRc (Holy hell! :wink2: )
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Viktor is very protective of Kralica.

He can be manipulative, but it comes from a place of "I want what's best for you."

My character, Viktor, is very loosely inspired by Darkiplier. DISCLAIMER: Viktor has nothing to do with Darkiplier/Markiplier in any way, shape, or form. He's a completely separate character in a completely separate world.
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