Academies & Divisions

Academies are used for training Apprentices. Sith Scholars are second in command of their division and run their divisions' Academy. They are responsible for the proper training of Apprentices.

Bolan Academy - Sith Alchemist training.
Zudikas Academy - Sith Assassin training.
Ankete Academy - Sith Inquisitor training.
Kroda Academy - Sith Marauder training.
Strazar Academy - Sith Royal Guard training.
Velho Academy - Sith Sorcerer training.

Divisions are the heart of the Sith Order. They help to further the Sith Order's goal of galactic domination. The Division Leader runs and is in charge of the members of their division.

Bolan Division - Sith Alchemist. Their specialty is enhancing weapons and armor, and genetic engineering.
Zudikas Division - Sith Assassin. They prefer to strike from the shadows.
Ankete Division - Sith Inquisitor. They are like the Sith 'police', if you will.
Kroda Division - Sith Marauder. They are the warriors of the Sith Order
Strazar Division - Sith Royal Guard. They protect the Sith and all their territories.
Velho Division - Sith Sorcerer. They can cast powerful illusions. Some can even wield one of the four elements: Fire, Water, Earth, or Air.

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